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Sun-Yu Island Park

2007. 5. 13.

The night of Sun-Yu Island with many lovers.

There is a beautiful small island in Han River at Seoul.
The name is Sun-Yu Island.
There are so many lovers in night, because the island has romantic sight in night.

I went to there with my girlfriends.
We had a lovely time.
When I look back upon the day, it all seems like a dream. :-D

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지
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  1. Arye Levin 2007.12.17 22:47 address edit & delete reply

    hi jin, and everyone,
    i'm Arye Levin
    i'm just want to say Congratulations! Well done!
    for your wedding...it's so happy to everyone..great happiness

    again Congratulations, jin,

    see you and say only in happy times....

  2. BlogIcon jinyo 2008.04.25 10:55 address edit & delete reply

    Thank you Arye,
    Always I thank you so much.
    Have a good day!


My Happy Moment - English Class Term Project

Yesterday, I worried about the presentation time of today for all day long.
I thought that how can I share my enjoyment to classmates who will be apart from each other by finishing class.

And then, I thought If I introduce my happy moments, we get another happy moment.
Firstly, I wrote some happy moments on a paper.
First Love in elementary school days,
Church life and one-sided love in middle school days,
the song club of University (in Korean, No-Rae-Pae Dong-Ah-Ri) and playing the guitar at Church,
online club activity on Hitel in White-Hand days, and so on.
Full story is so long for introducing on this presentation time, I choose one that can be interested from you.
The one of happiest memory is the story about first love.

My first love is on 6th grade in elementary school.
My hometown is a small village at Pochen, KyungGiDo.
Because of small, most children are familiar each other.
Sometimes a student come from outer. Every students can know him(her).
The girl changed of school from Seoul comes to my hometown on the end of fifth grade.
When I became 6th grade, I was assigned the classroom.
The opening day of the school year, we line up in order of height for assigning the seat and partner. It was two line of boys and girls.

When decreased in line, I saw a girl who will be my partner.
I fall in love with her. My heart beated fast!

After we are the partner, I can't remember how can we became familiar,
we was closed more and more, and sometimes we fight cause of center line on our desk.
In spite of I can see her during weekdays, I wanted to see also weekends.
I was so lazy on Sunday that I remember.
When I know that she attends the church every weekends, I got up very early morning, and washed up very cleanly and shampooed and so on.
Then I go to church very early.

Passing through the happy moment,
We went on to middle school, but she changed school again to Seoul.
Even so, We transferred some letter and each own picture.
I remember the sentence written on back of picture, "It seems to fat, but I'm slim, It's true!"

When we went on high school, we didn't transfer the love letter anymore.
When we went on University, we could meet by another friends.
She token a lot of exercise like swimming during all school days because she was sick in elementary school days.
When we met, She was taller than me.
I receive her home phone number. but, I can't call her because I was depressed by height.

Passing through 10 years,
She contact me by the cyworld.
but, Now she is a mother of 6 years old son and a wife of the other man.
I wish she is happy.

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  1. some errore 2007.12.17 22:43 address edit & delete reply


테터툴즈 그리고 tistory와의 만남...

그동안 나의 이야기를

국민학교시절부터 고딩까지는 일기장에 직접쓰고 나만 보다가,

대학때, 하이텔이란 가상공간을 접하고서는 한 작은모임 게시판에 적어나가기 시작하면서 여러사람이 읽어주기 시작했다.

직장생활을 첨 시작하던 때엔, 내 계정을 가지게 되고, 홈페이지를 한번 만들었었다.
직접 html코딩을 하는 일은 나름데로 즐거웠지만, (남들이 못한 자바스크립트효과등을 넣어놓고는 뿌듯해 했었다.. 그때만해도 자바스크립트 쓴 개인홈피가 몇개안되었었기때문에..98년경) 반복되는 노가다에 지쳐갔던 기억이 있다..

그러고는 그냥 접고 있다가,
블로그 열풍이 불기시작하고 다니는 회사에서 블로그사이트를 열면서,
내 공간을 만들어 보았다. (2004년경)
하지만 직접 html코딩하던 기억때문에, 정형화된 블로그는 좀 답답했다.

그러다 테터툴즈를 알게되었고, 좋은 기회에 tistory에 둥지를 틀게 되었다.
시작이다보니 열정이 넘치는 중이라 하고 싶은 것이 잔뜩 있는데,
차근차근 시작해 보려 한다.
자~ 읽어주는 사람 없어도.. 화이팅! ㅋㅋㅋ

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