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  1. 2007.03.17 at Las Vegas. 라스베가스. (2007-01-08 ~16)(4)

at Las Vegas. 라스베가스. (2007-01-08 ~16)

사용자 삽입 이미지Las Vegas 2007 - 1

I went to CES at Las Vegas at January 2007 for exhibitor.
CES is a very big Exhibition that open every year.
I worked for my company in Daytime, I saw downtown on Las Vegas in Night.
After CES, I called my friends, Dong Chul who is studying in Minneapolis. And we traveled around Las Vegas for three days.

It was so wonderful, exciting and happy days, though I struggled to communicate with visitors for my poor english
It will be remain all my life to good memory.

I remember,
In&Out hamburger that is so fresh & cheap,
Mike Jaglar who visited our booth,
Young Seok who introduce In&Out  and America to me,
Terisa who is singaporean girl, work with,
Unknown Older Man who live in Las Vegas, use A2(our products),
An Airport Man who say "An Nyung Ha Se Yo" that means hello in Korean on going back,
The night light in Las Vegas.

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

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  1. Hilda 2007.03.28 09:39 address edit & delete reply

    I'm very happy to hear you try to make your blog in English. I can't visit this site very often becase I have no computer, you know ^^. I'll pray for you to speak English well. Good luck!

  2. Sam 2007.03.28 13:51 address edit & delete reply

    Hi,John. I think your blog is wonderful.
    I hope you'll run this blog for a long time, and I'll visit sometimes.
    And I hope you to speak English fluently.
    But I wonder what does CES stand for or a simpler form? Tell me about it tomorrow.
    Have a nice day! See you tomorrow!

  3. John (Jin Young) 2007.03.28 23:51 address edit & delete reply

    Thank you, teacher!
    Your pray will be helping me.

  4. BlogIcon jinyo 2009.10.06 20:18 신고 address edit & delete reply

    Hi, Sam. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    CES is Consumer Electronics Show.
    There are many electonic appliences.
    I recommand you to visit there if you can.


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